The client, by signing the TRANSPORTATION DOCUMENT (including in case of withdrawal by third parties) declares total acceptance of the following rental conditions:
      1) The quality and quantity of the rented equipment –in perfect condition and fully functioning- is stated in the Transport Document. The maintenance and care of the rented equipment, including in case of delivery by third parties, is in complete charge of the client.
      2) The rented equipment must be returned to EXIT S.r.l. company address, in the same conditions and mode stated at point (1). In case of missing or damaged equipment (light bulbs, pirex, etc.), the cost of said material will be complete charge of the client.
      3) Care and maintenance of fragile equipment (scenography sheets, Bemberg sheets etc.) is client’s responsibility. In case sheets are returned dirty, torn or not suitable for further rental, the client will be charged in full with their current price.
      4) All rechargeable batteries are rented fully charged. EXIT S.r.l. declines any responsibility for charge loss due to transport (electrostatic charges), prolonged periods of inactivity of the battery or heavy thermal shocks. The client is required to verify the batteries’ charge and status before use.
      5) In case of equipment failure during rental, EXIT S.r.l. will replace it, where possible, with new functional material. In case of failure due to negligence or intentional damage by the client or third parties, the costs for additional materials and additional replacement services will be charged to the client.
      6) The rental period is expressed in days (min. 1 day) and cannot be fractioned. The equipment will be available for withdrawal in the afternoon prior to the first day of rental and will have to be returned by 10:00 am of the day after the end of rental. Any delay in the return of the equipment will be automatically counted as an extension of the agreed rental period.
      7) The client is required to notify EXIT S.r.l. of any changes occurring; rentals canceled in the 24 hours prior to withdrawal date will be charged in full.
      8) The pricelist may be subject to variations from day to day. EXIT S.r.l. will apply the prices reported in their pricelist at the moment of withdrawal.
      9) The equipment is given for rent by EXIT S.r.l. in full accordance with current norms and regulations of the sector. The Client, being in charge of installation and connections of the rented equipment, will be fully responsible for the respect of said norms and regulations, including in case of installation and connections carried out by third parties.
      10) The equipment offered by EXIT S.r.l. is covered by insurance against material damages due to accidental events, including theft. Here below the main guarantee conditions:
Insured material: all rented equipment stated in the Transport document, with the exception of:
• Fragile equipment (scenography sheets, Bemberg sheets etc.) as stated in point (3) of the General Rental Terms and Conditions.
• Consumable material (light bulbs, pirex, etc.)
Territorial validity: the insurance is valid worldwide. Vandalism is recognized only in Countries of Central Europe.
Insurance covers any damage to the equipment occurred during the following operations:
      a) Loading and unloading good in EXIT S.r.l. warehouses.
      b) Transport from EXIT S.r.l. warehouses to the final destination.
      c) Loading and unloading at the client’s / production location.
      d) Use and storage at the client’s/production location.
      e) The equipment is insured also in case of transport by a carrier. In such cases, a further refund allowance for the carrier is included.
Exceptions to the above:
      • Damage and gross negligence by the user. Inappropriate use of the equipment. Legal or contractual responsibilities of manufacturer/seller. Disregard for prescription given by manufacturer/seller. Damages caused by the transmutation of the nucleus of the atom. Earthquakes, seaquake, volcanic eruptions, degradation due to prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents. Wars, insurrections, military occupation, invasions.
Limitations to guarantee in case of theft:
Theft on motor vehicles:
      • The vehicle carrying the equipment must be parked with closed doors and windows in a secure place.
Theft in closed environments:
      • Any entrance to said environment must be protected at least by the following locking devices: high glazed doors closed with locks or robust padlocks or other locking devices to guarantee an efficient protection system. In case the aforementioned precautions are not taken, events of theft will not be covered by insurance.
Any violation (excluding theft or robbery) will be charged with 30% of the value of the damage caused to each item. The fee can range from a minimum of 500.00 Euros up to a maximum of 2,500.00 Euros.
In case of theft or robbery, the client will be charged with 35% of the value of each stolen item. The fee can range from a minimum of 500.00 Euros up to a maximum of 10,000.00 Euros.
How to proceed in case a violation occurs:
The client must immediately notify EXIT S.r.l. in writing (by maximum 3 days). In case of theft or robbery, the fact must be reported to the Judicial Authority and a copy of said report must be sent to EXIT S.r.l. The guarantee covering damages can be extended to benefit the client and user according to limits and conditions imposed by the insurance company in benefit of EXIT S.r.l. Any amount considered as non compensable by the insurance company (total or partial) will be in charge of the client.
      11) The client can request the use of the rented equipment out of Italy, after obtaining written authorization bt EXIT S.r.l. and having prepared all the necessary documentation for the transfer of said equipment.
      12) EXIT S.r.l. is not responsible for any damage occurred to equipment, people or third parties during transportation on rented vehicles. Insurance of material and passengers on rented vehicles will be in complete charge of the client.
      13) The only competent court shall be the court of Milan.